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Call & Care

Call and Care is a new initiative from Premier providing resources to support and encourage Community Groups (churches and other organisations) to train and equip local volunteers to make contact by telephone with people in their communities.

Many people in our society today are isolated and lonely. The number of people and the intensity of isolation has been exacerbated by the circumstances surrounding the pandemic and varying stages of lockdown.


In a recent survey, more than a quarter of people could not recall the last time anyone outside their family had asked how they were.

This is where the Church and local community organisations can be part of the answer and show the love of Jesus by reaching out to those in need of a listening ear and someone to talk to bringing encouragement, hope and a sense of belonging.

Online Training

The twelve videos of the Call and Care initiative consider issues such as:

  • the need for someone to talk to

  • confidentiality and safeguarding

  • selecting the right team members

  • how to be a good listener

  • mental health issues

  • well-being tips

  • and support for caller-makers.


Also two modules specifically giving a Christian context, covering prayer and issues of faith.

Online Resources

You can download all the resources from the Call and Care training. All resources are in PDF format.


Welcome and Introduction

Call and Care is an initiative created by Premier, in response to the pandemic to support churches and communities that have been disrupted, leaving many more people isolated with a lack of human contact.


It’s Good to Talk

With the virus spreading and lockdown’s becoming the new norm, the ability to interact with others outside our household/bubble has been restricted. Each local situation is different and the details will differ but through these Call and Care videos we aim to offer a framework of ideas to encourage safe supportive contact to be put in place.


Three Levels of Support

Three Levels of Support - In normal circumstances local areas have a structure of support from Counsellors, Ministers and Pastoral Care Workers. This video explains the proposed 3 level structure system created to provide support.


First Steps

Jonathan Clark explains how to identify the right person/people to coordinate this project using 4 parameters.


Search for a Good Listener

Not everyone is good at listening even if they think they are. This video highlights the different types of listeners you can come across.


Whose Call is it Anyway?

This is probably the most important concept I wish to impart to you as you consider listening to others and main thing that will make you a great telephone listener. Jonathan goes through key steps for preparing for a good call


Do not Take your Own Agenda

Agenda- It is easy to lead the conversation and create the agenda of the call. However the person at the other end of the call should decide what they want to talk about. This video talks you through how to guide and a not create the agenda.


Living at a Time of Intense Fear

This episode explores how life and situations can take an intense toll on our mental health, especially during these unpredicted times. Jonathan Clark explains it all plus tips on how to cope with it.


Maintaining Wellbeing in a Challenging World

Wellbeing is an important part of living a healthy physical and mental health. This video focus on ways to improve ones wellbeing.


Looking after Yourself

In a situation where you are giving out, the role can be emotionally sensitive or demanding. It is essential that self-care takes place. Watch as Jonathan Clark takes up through self-care tips.


Keeping Prayer Simple

Jonathan Clark defines prayer, and how to lead simple yet effective prayers when praying for others.


Finding Faith in Uncertainty

During these uncertain times, with loss and life and not knowing what the future holds has left many of us feeling vulnerable, and had our faith tested. This video explores how to find faith and the listen to the different responses to the current climate.

Free Resources

Free Resources

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About Call & Care

Developed by Jonathan Clark, Director of Premier Lifeline: the National Christian Helpline, Call and Care is a series of videos and written materials to equip the setting up and support of a team of call-making volunteers.

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Jonathan Clark, Director of Premier Lifeline: the National Christian Helpline


That all those who are isolated are provided with the opportunity of a regular personal call from a friend, neighbour, family member or volunteer.

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To encourage people to make contact with and support those who are isolated by means of the telephone (and other appropriate media), through organised local Call and Care Teams delivered by Community Groups (churches and other organisations).


The local Church identifies a coordinator/core group and a team of call-makers who will work under their leadership to call out to an identified list of people on a regular basis to check-in with them and be there for them.



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You don’t need a reason to call someone you know, and ask how they are. At this time of year, more than ever, a call can make a difference to their day.

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